When Does Boarding Your Kitty Make Sense?

May 14, 2014


It's the place to stay that everyone talks about. Quiet nights, high-quality meals served in the room, daily towel service, fastidious attention to bathroom cleanliness, and spa-like add-ons such as massages, hair styling, workout sessions with a personal trainer, and pedicures. Sounds like a relaxing vacation at the Westin? For kitties, it's a stay in the Cats Exclusive Townhouses, without any hefty resort fees!

If you worry about asking friends or family to take care of your cats when you're away, then boarding your cat at Cats Exclusive is a great option.

You will have peace of mind knowing that cats are safe, well-supervised, and tended to by gentle individuals who have insight into cat behavior and medical issues. We have multi-level units that can accommodate more than one cat, special units for cats who cannot be as active, and options that can be added on such as playtime, brushing sessions, and toenail trims. Video footage of active gerbils and birds prevents boredom in our more predatory boarders!

Many of our boarders have medical needs, and you can feel confident that your kitty will get its medication as requested, receive medical attention from a Cats Exclusive veterinarian if needed, and will have parameters such as weight and appetite closely monitored. If your cat experiences stress in an unfamiliar environment, we can try to mitigate this by providing hiding places, placing privacy curtains, and offering special treats and other encouragement. The costs for boarding can even be lower than what professional pet sitters charge.

Dr. Lora Schuldt, Cats Exclusive Veterinarian, boards her cats regularly and observes: "Our cats, Stoo and Starlee are nervous, but still do well boarding in a townhouse. I appreciate that most cats are surprisingly calm and that they're looked after by such great staff. Boarding allows them to be fed twice a day and to receive medication if needed, which is important for maintaining their routine."