There are times when your cat will require more intensive treatments than what can be provided at home alone. We understand how stressful hospitalization can be for both you and your cat. We strive to make your cat’s treatment and recovery as stress-free as possible.

Treatment Nurse
  • Our intensive care units are located in our treatment area to allow constant monitoring of patients.
  • Each unit has separate air exhaust to eliminate cross contamination from other patients. This also helps reduce the odors from other cats that may stress your cat.
  • Intravenous infusion pumps allow us to deliver precisely measured amounts of fluids and medication continuously.
  • Supplemental oxygen and heat support are available.
  • Isolation units, which house patients with infectious diseases, are located away from general medical and surgical wards.
  • Digital diagnostic x-ray allows evaluation of soft tissue or orthopedic problems.

We also strive to keep you updated on your cat’s progress during his/her time in the hospital.

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