• Welcome to Cats Exclusive

    Caring for Cats Since 1981
  • Welcome to Cats Exclusive

    Caring for Cats Since 1981

COVID-19 Protocols (updated May 14, 2021)

In light of the recent statement by the Center for Disease Control regarding face mask requirements when fully vaccinated, we wanted to update our clients on our COVID-19 protocols.

Due to the close physical proximity under which our staff must work to best care for our patients, the limited space available in our patient exam rooms, and the immunocompromised status of many vital employees, we will be continuing our curbside appointment structure for the time being. This means only essential personnel will be allowed in the building, and all employees will remain masked during their shifts.

We are monitoring the local statistics closely and will update our clients immediately with changes to our current structure.

We appreciate our clients' continued trust in our patient care, and their understanding of our desire to keep our staff and community safe and healthy.

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Cats Exclusive

At Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center...

You will find passionate doctors focusing their careers on cats, allowing them a deeper knowledge of feline medicine, nutrition and behavior. You will also find a dedicated nursing and support team that understands and loves cats. We're here to make your cat's veterinary experience as comfortable as possible. Not only are there no dogs to frighten your cat, our entire center is designed to nurture and support a cat's health and healing process.

Our Caring Veterinarians

We are fortunate at Cats Exclusive to have such a talented, caring group of veterinarians at the center of our medical team. As cat owners and enthusiasts themselves, each has chosen to focus their medical career on caring for cats. Why? Because cats are their passion and by focusing on one species they are able to obtain a level of expertise otherwise not possible. Their vast experience, expansive knowledge base and team approach greatly benefit all of their patients.

Cats Exclusive Staff

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A Bit About Us

Founded in 1981, the original goal of Cats Exclusive was to provide cats with the exceptional level of medical care they deserved - a revolutionary idea back then.

One of the first cats-only practices in the United States, the Cats Exclusive vision soon expanded to create a single location that would meet ALL the needs of cats and their people. With cutting-edge veterinary medicine, spacious townhouse boarding, and a cat-centric retail store, we are the Northwest's most complete veterinary center focusing exclusively on cats!

More About Us

Meet our Staff

At Cats Exclusive you will find a talented, caring group of veterinarians and employees committed to providing expert level feline medicine and care.

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Why a Cat Hospital?

We share your love of cats and wanted to provide a dog-free environment with specialized care, tailored to the unique needs of cats.

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Client Education

Explore our educational library to learn how to keep your cat happy and healthy. Find information about common feline conditions, tips for caring for cats, and much more.

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St. Francis Fund

The Cats Exclusive St. Francis Fund was created in 2002 by our kindhearted doctors and staff to provide urgent, life-saving medical care for cats in need.

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Cat Store

Whether your cat needs a healthy maintenance diet, or a special diet to meet a medical need, you will find a selection of excellent products here.

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Need Help?

Get in touch with us. We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have.

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