Why A Cat Hospital

Why A Cat Hospital


Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital was established in 1981, only the 18th such practice in North America. Today, there are more than 600! But even now, people still ask, “Why a cat hospital?” As much as we love our dogs, these two species are very different. Here are some excellent reasons to choose a feline practice for your cat!

Stress is a serious problem for the hospitalized cat, and a dog-free environment can help reduce that stress.

  • Cats are small and see themselves as prey. Even cats who live happily with their own dogs see strange dogs as potential predators.
  • Stress can affect all aspects of a cat’s veterinary stay. From increased blood pressure to decreased appetite, from delayed healing to decreased tolerance of handling, stress is bad for the patient. We work to minimize stress for our cats' experience in every interaction.

Cats-only hospitals can provide a cat-centered environment, where everything is tailored to feline needs. Some examples:

  • Compartments are individually ventilated. All expired air is removed from the building. This decreases odors, stress pheromones, and decreases exposure to respiratory viruses.
  • Compartments are cat-sized, comfy, and provide shelter and security for each patient.
  • Wards are quieter than in clinics caring for dogs, birds, or exotics.

Cats are unique—they are not small dogs. Their behavior and requirements are complex and their care deserves the special attention a cats-only hospital can provide.

  • Everyone who works at a cats-only practice chooses to work with cats rather than dogs or other species. They understand that handling cats requires a different approach than is used with dogs. We constantly work to improve our skills.
  • Cats are often an afterthought in the veterinary training. Doctors who work with cats have devoted themselves to the study of feline medicine at a higher level than is possible for most generalists.

We want the best for your cat. Let us show you how good that can be!

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