About Cats Exclusive

About Cats Exclusive

Founded in 1981, the original goal of Cats Exclusive was to provide cats with the exceptional level of medical care they deserved—a revolutionary idea back then.

One of the first cats-only practices in the United States, the Cats Exclusive vision soon expanded to create a single location that would meet ALL the needs of cats and their people. With cutting-edge veterinary medicine, spacious townhouse boarding, and a cat-centric retail store, we are the Northwest's most complete veterinary center focusing exclusively on cats!

As cat parents themselves, our doctors have chosen to focus their medical careers solely on cats. This is because cats are their passion and by focusing exclusively on one species, they are able to obtain a high level of expertise, otherwise not possible. Our doctor team works closely with one another to consult on difficult cases and have the advantage of being able to focus all of their continuing education on feline medicine, surgery and behavior. In fact, they are often called upon for second opinions even amongst colleagues from other practices.

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