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What Cats Need

What Does Your Cat Need to Be Healthy and Happy?

At Cats Exclusive, we want to help cat lovers create the best possible environment for their beloved felines. Everyone knows that cats need food and water, but they have other requirements that are almost as important!

  • Water: Clean and abundant in an appropriate dish. Some cats prefer fountains that circulate and aerate the water. We suggest that bowls and dishes be ceramic, glass, or metal—easy to clean. Many cats prefer a broad enough container that their whiskers don’t catch on the sides.
  • Food: A diet based on meat, and we believe they do best on moist foods. Read more about feline nutrition by Cornell Feline Health Center
  • Safety: An environment that protects them. Indoor cats live the safest lives, because they don’t encounter cars, predators, parasites, poisons. But indoor cats need more than a roof over their heads to feel safe. Cats need to be able to get above the ground and they need places to hide, where they can have privacy from other family members.
  • Adventure: To hunt, to explore, to play. Indoor cats appreciate toys that mimic prey objects. They like furnishings that allow them to climb and rise above their domain. They like toys that allow them to interact with their people. Cats also like puzzles and learning games—contrary to popular belief, you can teach cats tricks and many cats enjoy doing them. Learn more from Karen Pryor on clicker training cats
  • Comfort: Regular grooming to keep their coats healthy. Cats groom each other and gentle grooming is a way to strengthen the bond you have with your cat. It will also alert you to problems that you might not see any other way.
  • Dental Care: Proper dental care is critical to your cat's overall health. Periodontal disease is one of the most common problems for cats resulting in bad breath, painful chewing and possibly loss of appetite or other health issues. Home dental care is a good start for keeping your kitty's mouth healthy. Read more about dental care for cats

Routine Health Care: Your cat needs regular check-ups, vaccinations against infectious diseases, and protection from parasites. Learn why annual exams matter

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