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Atopy, or inhalant or contact allergy, is a common problem in cats. An ‘allergy’ is a hypersensitivity to a substance known as an allergen.

Blood Pressure in Cats
For cats, high blood pressure is a very dangerous and often life threatening health concern, as it commonly remains unnoticed until they become suddenly blind or have a stroke. It is therefore very important that cats, especially cats 10 years of age and older, have their blood pressure checked at their semi-annual or annual exams.

Cat Toxins
Many common household plants, foods, human medications, and household products are toxic to pets. Cats can be exposed to these harmful substances through ingestion, grooming, inhalation or skin absorption.

Chronic Kidney Disease
Like all mammals, cats have 2 kidneys located in the abdomen just behind the last rib. The kidneys are part of the upper urinary tract, while the bladder and urethra are referred to as the lower urinary tract.

Dealing With Feline Inappropriate Urination
Inappropriate Urination (IAU) causes serious problems for cats and their people. This behavior is terribly annoying, but we must remember that cats are not vindictive. Cats do not try to "get back at" their people.

Dental Disease
Unfortunately, dental disease is a very common problem in cats. Every wellness exam at Cats Exclusive includes an oral evaluation, which allows us to identify obvious dental issues early and give you our recommendations for the best dental care and treatment options for your cat(s).

Developmental Periods in Cats
This article outlines the development periods of cats.

Diarrhea in Cats
No one really wants to talk about it, but if you live with a cat long enough, the topic of diarrhea will arise. This unpleasant symptom can range from a brief mess in the litterbox to a lengthy or serious illness. What does a cat lover need to know about this condition?

Environmental Enrichment
Providing an Enriched Environment can increase activity, decrease mental stagnation, and prevent behavior problems. Cats need mental stimulation. An enriched environment gives cats opportunities to create their own positive experiences.

Feeding Raw Food to Cats
As we all know, cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they get all the nutrients they need to live and thrive from animal protein sources.

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