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Townhouse Boarding Programs

Townhouse boarding units for cats

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Cat Boarding with Cats Exclusive

In addition to our progressive feline medical services and a tantalizing store for cats, we also offer spacious townhouse-style boarding. With a selection of nature videos, private suites, and plenty of TLC your cat may never want to leave! Our dedicated staff will make your cats feel at home, and you’ll rest easy knowing our
veterinarians are just a step away if problems arise.

Our townhouses feature:

  • Six climbing levels to explore
  • Cozy fleece bedding
  • Glass doors for people watching
  • DVDs made for cats
  • Daily cleaning and monitoring
  • Optional playtime sessions with staff

The spacious suites can accommodate up to 3 cats from the same household and can be adjoined to adjacent units for even more. We also have 6 special needs single units for cats with mobility issues based on availability.


  • Individual: $28.00 per day
    Roommate: $19.00 per day (Second or third cat from same family in unit)
  • Standard Boarding: Ward boarding is also available for cats on waiting list for townhouses or cats with signi´Čücant medical issues that require special monitoring. $21.00 per day

Playtime and Pampering Services for your KittyCat boarding and kennels in Seattle

  • Daily Supervised Play Sessions: Invigorating time outside their unit utilizing various cat toys, catnip, and treats. Daily play sessions can be setup for townhouse or ward boarding.
    1 cat per household/10 mins. $15.00
    2 cats per household/15 mins. $25.00
    3 cats per household/20 mins. $30.00
  • Mini Massage: 5 minutes of relaxing massage outside unit. Includes a tasty treat afterwards. $10.00 per session
  • Combing Session: 5 minutes of combing and /or brushing to remove extra hair and make your cat feel pampered. $10.00 per session

Preboarding Examination Required:
All boarders must be examined in advance by one of our veterinarians, enabling us to provide the best medical supervision while boarding. Requirements vary considering your cat’s age, medical needs, etc.

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