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Grooming Services

Due to popular demand, we are now offering full-service grooming for cats. We offer solutions to prevent long-haired cats from developing mats, to keep cats cool during warm weather, and primping for special events like a cat show. Our talented staff will make your kitty feel like royalty - we groom each cat in a private room away from other cats. Treat your kitty to a private grooming session!


Lion Cut: Full mane, with your choice of tail style



Tuxedo Cut: Same as a lion cut, except the mane is kept fuller through the chest



Abdomen Shave: Shaving only the chest and abdomen

Comb Outs & Spot Shaving

Full Body Comb Out: Including undercoat and removing small mats


Sanitary Clip (add-on): Shaving under the tail for cleanliness

Soft Paw Application

We are happy to apply Soft Paws or other similar brands, but you must provide the toenail caps. We cannot guarantee the longevity of application.


All grooming services include a complimentary toenail trim


PLEASE NOTE: Cats requiring anesthesia for any of our grooming services or that have suspected medical conditions may need to be rescheduled. This will allow time for a physical exam and withholding food prior to anesthesia. We will call you to discuss these options if needed.

Our Grooming Philosophy: Feline grooming offers important health and hygiene benefits helping your cat look and feel better. We believe in promoting and providing grooming services that are truly beneficial to your cat. In fact doing more isn't always the best policy - there are certain services we do not advise due to health and stress reasons.

Services we do not routinely advise and why:

  • Bathing: Cats are typically fastidious groomers who dislike water. So unless they are actually dirty, most don't need nor want a bath -  it just upsets and adds stress to their experience.
  • Routine Ear Cleaning: Most cats have a small amount of an oily protective coating in their ears that should not be removed routinely. If there is a true waxy build up that necessitates cleaning, it generally indicates a medical issue that requires medical attention. Unnecessary cleaning of cats' ears has the risk on puncturing an ear drum should they jerk their head.
  • Routine Expression of Anal Glands: Most cats don't require nor like this. If they actually require expression, it may indicate a medical problem and should be addressed accordingly. Routine expression of anal glands has the potential of traumatizing them leading to inflammation and ultimately creating a problem.
  • Brushing Teeth: If done daily or even 2-3 times per week it is very helpful in preventing tartar and dental disease. Done once in awhile has no value and often adds unnecessary stress to the cats experience.
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