Kitten Care

Kitten Care

Well Kitten Package

Calling all kittens! Make sure your parents know about the essential healthcare services provided by Cats Exclusive’s Well Kitten Package. When your new family purchases the Well Kitten Package, they’ll have no furry worries! The package provides necessary check-ups, vaccinations, parasite control, and testing, with the goal of perfect health for every kitten. The bonus is that these services are all discounted!

At the first Well Kitten Package visit, you will be examined by an experienced cat-only veterinarian who understands you and your needs as a growing feline. After your cuteness quotient is determined, it’s time to get serious with your medical needs. You’ll be checked for common birth defects, receive your first vaccination against FVRCP, flea and worm treatment, and have a quick blood test to check for leukemia as well as immunodeficiency viruses. Your doctor will also give your family expert guidance about some of your mischievous behaviors, but follow it with more cuddles (after a courtesy toenail trimming demonstration).

At your second Well Kitten Package visit, 3–4 weeks later, your doctor will review your rate of growth, nutritional needs, and perform a full physical examination. The recommended time to schedule your spay or neuter surgery will be discussed (don’t listen, just let your family worry about this). You will be given a booster vaccine for FVRCP, rabies vaccine, and additional treatments to eliminate parasites completely. If you will be venturing outdoors, additional vaccines and precautions will be discussed as well. Another pedicure is on the spa menu today also!


The Well Kitten Package includes:

  • 2 Physical examinations, 3–4 weeks apart
  • 2 FVRCP vaccines, 3–4 weeks apart
  • 1 Year Purevax Rabies vaccine
  • 2 Doses of Revolution for flea, ear mite, and intestinal parasite control
  • 1 Dose or oral dewormer to complete intestinal parasite treatment
  • In-house blood test for FeLV and FIV
  • Fecal sample testing
  • Toenail trim with demonstration
  • Microchip
  • $40.00 discount to be applied to spay or neuter surgery
    (Cost of surgery is NOT included in package price)

When the Well Kitten Package is purchased, the discounted, bundled price is $595.00! These items, if purchased separately, would cost over $725.00

The Well Kitten Package does not include: spay/neuter surgery, additional FVRCP vaccine, FeLV vaccines for cats who will be going outdoors, or other services associated with illness and treatment of illness.

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