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Coronavirus and Pets

Coronavirus and Pets

March 4, 2020

Dear Clients,As you are aware, the coronavirus has continued to dominate the news in the United States as well as the remainder of the world. Based upon the continuing concerns, we wanted...

Holiday Pet Food Drive

Holiday Pet Food Drive

November 23, 2018

This year we are hosting a Holiday Pet Food Drive to benefit the Seattle Area Feline Rescue. During this season of giving please include on your list those pets in need.

Vet Tech Week

Vet Tech Week

October 15, 2018

This week of October 14-20 we celebrate National Veterinary Technician week! This is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate all of our hard working Veterinary Technicians here at Cat’s Exclusive Veterinary Center.

Wild Thing

September 20, 2012

Even the smallest, gentlest cat is a wild thing, genetically speaking. The domestic house cat is not actually domestic; rather, Felis Domesticus is an essentially feral species that have made accommodations to live intimately with humans. The cats' ancient predator behaviors are very much a part of its present day life.

The Joy of Cats

January 21, 2012

Cats, what amazing creatures they are! Having spent more that 30 years working with them and 50+ years living with them I find myself ever more intrigued and infatuated with the species.

These are a few of our favorite charities......

December 22, 2011

Need some ideas for last minute holiday gifts or year-end donations? When you open your charitable heart, don't forget the animals in need.

Getting Over It

October 13, 2011

Some of the deepest sadness I have ever felt has occurred with the death of my two kitties, Poco in 2008, and Eubie in 2010.

Pet Health Insurance: What You Should Know

September 8, 2011

Pet Health Insurance, just like your own health insurance, can be a valuable benefit during a difficult time. It can help cover the bill when your pet is sick, has an accident, or needs routine care.

Cat Talk: Translated!

August 18, 2011

Purr, yowl, hiss, meow: all these sounds are common among cats, but what do they mean?

The High-Tech Tongue of a Cat

March 24, 2011

Ever wonder why it feels scratchy when your cat licks you or how they manage to get any water in their mouths when they lap at the water so quickly? The answer to both these questions lies in the cat's unique, remarkable tongue.

Can Cats See Color?

February 23, 2011

There are a lot of questions that we get frequently from clients. This is one we hear a lot. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer and even to this day there is professional debate on this topic.

Little Cats Helping Big Cats

September 21, 2010

The Snow Leopard Trust, based here in Seattle, helps protect the endangered snow leopard while providing the people of rural Mongolia, Kyrgystan, China and other countries with much-needed jobs.