Hospitalization Q & A's

Hospitalization Q & A's

When will I get a call about my cat's progress?

You can expect a daily report from the doctor in charge of your cat's care.

  • We make progress report calls every morning, Monday through Saturday between 10:00 and noon.
  • If your cat has been with us overnight and you haven't heard from us by noon, please call.
  • If your cat's condition or progress requires updates at other times, your veterinarian will call right away.
  • Please be sure to provide a phone number(s) where you can be reached, day and evening.

Can I call to check on my cat?

We understand that you are concerned about your cat's welfare. You can call anytime during office hours to inquire about your cat's progress. Here is what you need to know so that we can provide the best communication:

  • Morning rounds: Between 8:00 and 10:00 am, the doctors and technicians treat and make plans for each patient in their care. Your veterinarian will not be available to take incoming phone calls during that time, in order to finish morning rounds on schedule.
  • Doctors return calls between appointments and procedures, often around midday. Sometimes, a doctor will not be able to return your call until evening. If you leave a detailed message, a technician may be able to call back more quickly.
  • We know that everyone in your family is interested in the cat's status and well-being. To make communication easier, we ask each family to pick one person, if possible, to talk to the doctor while your cat is in the hospital.

Can I visit my cat while he/she is in the hospital?

Patients who are hospitalized for longer than 48 hours, and those that are seriously ill, sometimes benefit by having their families come to visit.

  • Please call in advance, so we can arrange his/her treatments around your visit. We request that you limit your visit to 20 minutes. The doctor in charge of your cat's care may not be available to give you an update at the time of your visit, but our technicians are happy to relay any questions you may have while visiting.
  • If you are not sure whether or not you should visit your cat, be sure to ask for our advice.

When can my cat go home?

  • The doctor will keep in close communication with you in regards to the best time for your cat to be discharged. Be sure to let us know about constraints on your schedule or any concerns you have about caring for your cat at home.
  • Your veterinarian may ask that you schedule a discharge appointment with a doctor, a technician or other staff member. We do set up appointment times to try to minimize your waiting time.
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