Ways For An Indoor Cat To Explore Outdoors

July 28, 2011

Does your indoor-only kitty yearn for the great outdoors? Does she want to smell the ground and the air and play with bugs? Tell her there is good news! There are many options for safe outside time for your cat this summer. Before you get started, make sure your cat has identification, just in case. Microchips are best, as they cannot come off, but a collar and ID tag are also nice options.

Many people opt for leash training their cats. Keep in mind that you need a correctly-fitted harness for your cat, like the Come With Me Kitty (check out the fantastic video!) Your time and patience during this training can really pay off, but what if you and kitty want to get outside sooner? In that case, your best bet would be some type of enclosure.

Enclosures can vary widely. What you should look for are sturdy materials that completely and safely keep the cat inside. Abo Gear makes a great tube called the Fun Run as well as a very large tent called the Happy Habitat. In addition to being well-made, these can be staked into the ground for additional sturdiness. The mesh allows the breeze and small bugs through so your cat can get lots of stimulation! If you are looking for a more permanent outdoor solution, Cats On Deck and The Cat's Den are two great resources for customizable enclosures.

Safe, supervised outdoor time can really add a lot to your kitty's life. Just think about how all the smells will engage her brain and, hopefully, tire her out for a good night's rest. Remember to go slow and don't force your kitty outside if she's afraid - this should be a fun and enriching time!