Vet Tech Week

Author: Kim Mahoney, DVM

October 15, 2018


This week, October 14–20, we celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week! It is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate all of our hard-working Veterinary Technicians here at Cat’s Exclusive Veterinary Center.

By the briefest of definitions, a licensed Veterinary Technician has graduated from an accredited American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) program. But they are so much more—serving as skilled phlebotomists, surgical assistants, dental hygienists, laboratory technicians, and anesthesiologists. Beyond that, our technicians are strong, resilient, and compassionate people. They provide support as educators, grief counselors, and gurus of all things feline.

To the Doctors and staff of Cats Exclusive: they are truly the heart and soul of our practice and we could not do what we do without them. Our technicians have a lot of responsibilities and we trust them explicitly with our own pets and yours. They take their oath seriously and they deliver on their promise of excellence in patient care every day of the year.

We take this particular week to say an extra special “thank you” to our technicians for all that they do, and we hope that you will too!