Trixie Enrichment Puzzles

Author: Amanda Bass, Store Manager

September 22, 2011


As we've discussed in The Indoor Cat's Daily Schedule of Activities and How You Can Enrich Your Cat's Life Part 1 and Part 2, enrichment for your cat is very important. The best way to cut down on behavior problems and keep them interested is to periodically introduce new toys.


The Cats Exclusive Retail Store heartily welcomes the Trixie family of products! These feline puzzles originate from Germany and the UK and our Retail Manager has been on a waiting list for over a year in anticipation of them being available in the United States! So far, we have three of their puzzles in stock: the Cat Activity Fun Board, the Cat Activity Turn Around, and the Cat Activity Solitaire. All of these puzzles provide a mental challenge for cats to retrieve a reward, usually a treat or some catnip.


As the name implies, the Fun Board features many different types of surfaces to place rewards in. They will have to figure out how to get the treats using their paws, noses, claws, and tongues! The Turn Around is a raised group of vials filled with rewards. Your cat will have to learn how to turn these vials upside-down to retrieve their treats! Lastly, the Solitaire has small round cups that your cat will have to remove from their recesses to retrieve rewards. No matter your cat's level of ability, these puzzles are sure to challenge them and keep them entertained!