Show Your Cat You Care

Author: Amanda Bass, Retail Manager

February 8, 2013

In the words of our very own Dr. Kathy Mattick, "The best gift you can give your cat is you and your time." We couldn't agree more! Showing your love for your cat(s), whether it's on Valentine's Day or any other day, is very rewarding and helps keep your bond strong. It's as easy as petting them in the way they prefer, scratching that special spot, or regular grooming if your kitty enjoys being brushed. Lots of people talk and sing to their cats or create special routines like treats before bedtime, too.

Don’t forget that playtime and environmental enrichment are also fantastic ways to show your love for your cat. Putting on a Cat Sitter DVD when you will be gone for many hours can help keep your cat entertained. Making sure he has enough vertical climbing space and surfaces to scratch on are also important. And don’t forget about the tried-and-true wand toy. Interactive toys like Da Bird feather wand toy or a simple laser pointer are great ways to play with your cat while also keeping his mind and body in shape – just remember to “close the hunt” with a small treat or snack afterward to help him calm down. In addition, teaching your cat to fetch his favorite small toy, using the Clicker Training method, or even playing CatFeats with him would be fun as well as impressive!

No matter the way you choose to show your cat you love him, all that matters is that you do. Bonding with a cat is one of life’s best gifts!