Introducing A New Flea Product

Author: Jessica Stern, DVM

April 4, 2014


We're excited to introduce this item we're adding to our arsenal in the war against fleas!

Cheristin is a monthly flea treatment that is safe for kittens (older than 8 weeks) and adult cats. The active ingredient, spinetoram, specifically targets a flea’s nervous system, so it is safe for topical application. Because of its low toxicity in animals other than fleas, Spinetoram was awarded the Green Chemistry Award. Cheristin is different from other flea treatments, because it starts working within 30 minutes, killing 99% of fleas within 12 hours. It also remains greater than 99% effective for 30 days. Best of all, the low-volume formula treats all sizes of cats.

Cheristin is available for purchase without a prescription at our front desk in a 6-pack (6-month supply). We understand that not all flea products will work well in all situations; we are excited to introduce Cheristin as a safe, effective option to help you eliminate flea problems. Please let us know if you have any questions.