Meowvelous Gifts

November 15, 2019

Top cat-approved gifts for your feline friends.

Goli Churro Purro

This rough, colorful and extra long kicker is a real hit with kitties! It is light enough to drag around and has lots of potent catnip inside. Choose your cats' favorite colors! Only $6.99.




Fun Sleeping Huts

As we know, cats love to curl up in safe spaces and doze the day away. both you and your cats will get a kick out of our many styles of sleeping huts; raning from unicorns to pineapples to wool pods, there really is a style for everyone! Range of prices, all 25% off during November.



Cats First Raised Dishes

These adorable and functional food and water bowls are raised just enough so your kitty doesn't strain her neck bending all the way down. These bowls are great for all cats but are especially helpful for cats with arthristis of the spine, neck and/or legs. Made with durable and bacterial-resistant porcelain, these are sure to last for years to come. Many styles to choose from.



Hexbug Toys

Featuring automatic and remote controlled toys, these items will awaken your cats' huting and chasing instincts! it is a great way to play and bond with your cat as well as inspire movement for a healthy body. Toys start at only $9.99.





Bat-A-Ball Puzzle Toy

This engaging puzzle will reward your cat witha a treat when she uses her smarts to move the balls around. Made by Flipo, this is just one of several new puzzle toy to help keep kitties occupied and mentally stimulated. Only $24.99.