How Can I Comfort My Ailing Cat?

Author: Amanda Bass, Retail Manager

May 20, 2013


Even though it is hard to hear, many of us receive the news that our beloved cat has something wrong with her. The best thing you can do is accept the news and, while working with your veterinarian, make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible during her illness. 

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Make sure your cat has food(s) she likes and will eat. Especially during an illness, it is imperative that your cat gets adequate nutrition and protein. If you have trouble getting her to eat, consider offering new and exciting foods, adding hot water to food (to increase the smell), sprinkling some enticing bits of treats on top of the food, or maybe even adding an appetite stimulant if your veterinarian deems it appropriate.
  • Always make sure fresh, preferably flowing, water is available to your cat. Adding additional watering stations to your home in multiple locations can also encourage her to drink more. No matter your cat’s diagnosis, hydration is an important element in overall health.
  • Make sure she has items to assist her if her mobility is compromised – joint supplements and stairs to her favorite spot are a great place to start.
  • Make sure her litter box is clean and accessible – if the entrance to her box seems too tall for her, consider getting a new box with lower sides or adding a brick as a step to assist her in getting in. Adding additional litter boxes may also be helpful if your cat has bathroom troubles associated with her illness or treatment.
  • Offer her lots of comfy, warm places to sleep, relax and recuperate. Consider heating pads or beds and easily accessible trees and furniture with generous sleeping areas.
  • Play soft classical music for her when you’re away. Or use a white noise machine to cover outside sounds if they scare her. Try to limit her stress level by postponing house renovations or loud visits from friends.
  • Check with your doctor about calming products for her mood – sometimes pheromones or other items can keep her relaxed as she convalesces.
  • But, most importantly, spend time with her. Stroke her softly and let her know you love her.