Fourth of July Safety

June 18, 2018

Couch Kitty

Independence Day is a time when many of us invite family and friends to join us in barbeques, fireworks and celebrations. For our furry friends it can be scary, full of unsettling noises and unfamiliar guests. Here are some tips to help keep your furry family safe during this holiday:

  • Secure your cat indoors while fireworks are going off. The sudden noise of firecrackers going off in the neighborhood can cause cats to panic and become disoriented.
  • Set-up a sanctuary room that allows your kitty to be away from guests and noises. Provide a space with safe hiding places and all the resources she will need. It may be helpful to use a pheromone diffuser like Feliway as a way to calm an anxious cat.
  • Use distractions if your cat gets anxious about noise. Consider setting up a room with a TV, radio or fan that might mask some of the bangs and booms. Interactive play sessions can also be a good way to keep kitty distracted from the noise going on outdoors.
  • Make sure your cat is microchipped and wearing identification tags, so you have a better chance of being reunited with your cat in the event they get lost. Verify that the information on the tags and with the registry is up-to-date.
  • Take a current photo just in case your cat does get lost.

A few precautions can keep the holiday fun and safe for all. Happy Independence Day!