Does Your Cat Have Seasonal Allergies?

May 20, 2016

Did you know cats can be susceptible to seasonal allergies just like humans? Airborne environmental allergens like pollen, mold and dust mites can affect our feline friends too, commonly called “atopy.” However, cats generally have a different allergic reaction than humans, primarily occurring through skin reactions.  

Symptoms of atopy:

  • Intense and chronic itchy skin
  • Swollen inflamed or recurrent ear infections
  • Excessive scratching, biting or chewing of skin
  • Hair loss, open sore and scabbing (most commonly affects the feet, face, ears, tail base and underbelly).
  • Asthma-like wheezing and respiratory problems

Respiratory reactions are less common but can occur, including runny nose, water eyes and coughing and sneezing. Symptoms vary dramatically from individual to individual. If you see your cat scratching, identify any red scabs or bumps, or if your cat seems uncomfortable, please make an appointment with your veterinarian.