Cats Exclusive Gets Wicked!

December 9, 2011


Our newest cat toys come from a company called Wicked Kitty Toys, and, in addition to being really cute, they are also handmade right here in the Seattle area!

You might also be interested to know who makes them – our very own Sarah Tucker, Licensed Veterinary Technician! Sarah has been a team member at Cats Exclusive for 4 years and has been working in animal care for 13 years. She loves to craft in her spare time which grew into a nice little side gig as she began developing some of the cutest toys around!  With designs such as Fortune Cookies and Bacon and Egg sets, people are really drawn to her toys. And that’s just where the fun starts!

Once your cat gets his paws on her toys, he will experience a feeling of euphoria from high-quality catnip and he’ll also enjoy biting and licking the rough, tough felt fabric. In addition to her current colorful styles, Sarah has also specially-made Holiday Evergreen Trees and Santa Hats for the holiday season!  Snap a photo of your cat in one of her hats and post it to our Facebook page. If you are looking to support a local crafts person and also provide your feline with a nice gift, look no further than Sarah Tucker’s Wicked Kitty Toys!