Purrfect Holiday Gifts

November 25, 2016

What can you get this holiday season for the pampered kitty who has everything? Thankfully, there are some fantastic new items to choose from! We have the below products in stock, ready to delight your cat!


CatLove Box

A stylish addition to any room, the CatLove Box is a great place for your cat to hide or play. Easily connect multiple boxes together for maximum fun! Pick your favorite modern pattern!



Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse

What's the latest innovation in cat food textures? Mousse! Tiki Cat's new Velvet Mousse line serves up delicious fluffy moist food that's high in protein and is sure to please your cat's palate.



Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell Bed

The Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell Bed sounds funny but cats really love it! Lay it flat for a soft place to stretch out, or pull the drawstring to make a cozy cup bed your kitty can nap in for hours.


SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

SmartCat Litter has been the breakout star of 2016! Made from a blend of grasses, it's a totally new product that is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is especially good at clumping and keeping odors at bay.



Trixie Agility Slalom and Hoop

Trixie's new Agility Kit for Cats is a great way to keep your bored feline engaged and playful! Featuring a hoop jump and a short slalom course, it's perfect for beginners. Add on your own obstacles to keep it fun and refreshed!