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Enjoy the Silence

Written by Richard Lester, DVM.

I've been working here at Cats Exclusive for greater than 13 years (I started July 1999) and one of the perks, I didn't realize in making the choice to work with only cats, is the quiet work environment I would enjoy. When other veterinarians come by to visit and see our facility they almost always comment on how quiet the clinic is. Sure some cats get nervous and vocalize more than others but it is a temporary disturbance. This peace translates nicely to providing the best environment for healing, and comfort for a species that really reacts to change and stress. I am constantly reminded (at least weekly) by clients about how quiet it is, and how much quieter and calmer this clinic is compared to previous clinics they have had their cats visit. This results in a greater ability to handle cats who are scared and agitated. I have heard of many cats that have been asked to leave a previous clinic because the cat could not be handled and although some of these cats provide a challenge, we are usually able to work with them and I frequently am told that this is the best he/she has behaved.

Again, a lot of this comes down to the noise.

The other factor influencing this is lack of other species coming to the clinic. The only pheromones here are those left by other cats, and while no doubt some of those are of the stressed variety, at least they are left by other cats. There are no larger dogs coming up and sniffing the cage that these nervous cats have been unjustly put into and asked to leave their comfortable home. Looking at it strictly from a cats point of view; if you have to leave home and be man-handled, removing as many stressors as possible is the least we can do.

Published on May 21, 2017.

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